STRATEGIC NETWORK is the most innovative way to SAVE MONEY and be rewarded at the same time. By this unique system you will save money every time you need to get a service or a product for your home or business and at the same time you will accumulate points to redeem for incredible rewards!

WHY SETTLE FOR OTHER MONEY-CONSUMING COMPANIES WHEN YOU CAN GET THE SAME PRODUCT OR SERVICE AND STILL GET Vacations, hotel stays, gift cards, gift certificates, discounts at any of our affiliated businesses, vacation packages, car rental certificates, and much, much more!

STRATEGIC NETWORK offers you the best deals when it comes to finding your next product or service provider! Whether you need to reduce payments on current bills or you are looking for something in specific for your business needs, STRATEGIC NETWORK rewards you with the best incentives in the market. We will take care of you by helping you get the best offers available.

Remember, every time you purchase with one of our affiliated businesses, YOU WILL GET POINTS!


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STRATEGIC NETWORK is an agency dedicated many years to the promotion of well-known businesses, distributing incentive rewards adjusted to any consumer needs.

STRATEGIC NETWORK delivers new long-lasting customers to your company and satisfies the needs of your current customers with our award-winning reward programs.

GET REAL RESULTS! Start advertising your business and save BIG today!

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